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VibraKleen Ultrasonic Clean - Box/80 tabs

Min Order Box/80


VibraKleen E2 is an enzymatic ultrasonic cleaning solution in an easy-to-use tablet form. Effervescent and enzymatic, Vibrakleen E2 tablets save valuable storage space and break down hard-to-clean deposits in ultrasonic and evacuation systems. Convenient and effective for: General purpose ultrasonic cleaning, Pre-soak for instruments & Evacuation system cleaner."


  • Effervescent, enzymatic cleaning tablets
  • Non-corrosive and low-foaming
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic & pH neutral
  • No chlorine or harsh alkaline
  • Drop directly into ultrasonic cleaner
  • Compact, convenient package of 80 tablets
  • Clean mint scent
  • Also effective as evacuation cleaner
  • Power of protease enzymes


Code 37101 - VibraKleen Ultrasonic Clean - Box/80 tabs

VibraKleen Ultrasonic Clean - Box/80 tabs

SKU: 37101
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