UVEX Pheos 

Min Order 1


  • Supravision HC-AF - Lenses coated with UVEX Supravision HC-AF are anti fog on the inside and extremely scratch resistant on the outside, as well as resistant to chemicals.
  • The nano clean effect ensures that they lenses are very easy to clean and less susceptible to dirt.
  • Anti fog
  • Scratch resistant


Code 9192300 - Uvex Pheos Frame Black/Grey, Lens Tinted

Code 9192302 - Uvex Pheos Frame Black/Grey, Lens Clear

Code 9192305 - Uvex Pheos Frame Black/Green, Lens Clear

Code 9192445 - Uvex Pheos Custom Bridge Black/Orange, Lens Tinted

Code 9192485 - Uvex Pheos Custom Bridge Black/Grey, Lens Clear


Code 9192200 - Small Faces Uvex Pheos Frame White/Green, Lens Clear

Code 9192201 - Small Faces Uvex Pheos Frame White/Orange, Lens Tinted



UVEX Pheos

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