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Sterifit Sterilization Wraps - Box/500

Min Order 1 Box/100


Sterifit® Sterilisation Wraps are made from SMS bonded polypropylene. They are suitable for steam, ethylene oxide, and plasma sterilisation processes. Dual colouring allows for easy detection of strikethrough, tears and punctures.


Suitable For:

  • Light to medium trays
  • Linen packs
  • Basin sets
  • Medium medical devices and instruments


Product Features:

  • Effective Sterile Barrier
  • High Resistance to Tearing and Abrasion
  • Highly Drapeable
  • Dual colour for easy detection
  • Low Linting


Code 70132 - 430mm x 430mm

Code 70131 - 610mm x 610mm

Sterifit Sterilization Wraps - Box/500

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