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Self Sealing Sterilisation Pouches - Box/200 (MGUARD)

Min Order Box/200


  • Ideal for handpiece and instrument processing Manufactured for hospital processing.
  • MGuard self seal pouches are produced from 70gsm medical grade paper and multilayered plastic laminate.
  • Conforms to EN868-3 standards.
  • Dual process indicators
  • Prefold for accurate & secure closure
  • Strong triple rail seals
  • Thumb notch for ease of opening
  • Batch numbered for traceability
  • Plain paper backing for superior steam transmission
  • No ink contamination & clean peel when opening


Code 1057100M   57 X 100          Box-200  

Code 1090135M   90x135            Box-200 

Code 1070230M   70x230            Box-200  

Code 1090230M   90X 230           Box-200  

Code 1135255M   135X 255         Box-200  

Code 1190330M   190 X 330        Box-200  

Code 1230355M   230 x 380        Box-200

Self Sealing Sterilisation Pouches - Box/200 (MGUARD)

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