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Occlufast +Color (Bite Registration) 2x 50ml (Zhermack)
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Bite Registration

Colour Change: Green to Yellow/Lime
Detail Reproduction: 5 μm
High Final Hardness: 37±5 Shore D (Approx Shore 90A).
Working Time: 30 seconds
Setting Time: 0:60 (min:s).

High dimensional stability, up to 15 days


• Imperceptible consistency

• High final hardness (37±5 Shore D)

• Thixotropic

• High dimensional stability, up to 15 days

Dispensing using the yellow mixing tip *reduces waste and makes it
possible to perform up to 2 bite registrations more than the green tips*

Code 90282 - Occlufast +Color (Bite Registration) 2x 50ml (Zhermack)

Occlufast +Color (Bite Registration) 2x 50ml (Zhermack)

SKU: 90282
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