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Laclede Fluoride Foam 

Min Order 1 Bottle


Less gagging because there is no drip from the tray!


  • Less nausea or vomiting

  • Child-friendly cartoon package makes treatment fun

  • The only ADA approved foam

  • Safer! Provides equal fluoride uptake as gels, compared to using less fluoride


  • Neutral Sodium Fluoride (0.9%) ph 7.0
  • One Bottle = 100 treatment

Code 704000 - Apple Cinnamon 165g/bottle

Code 704001 - Panda Punch 165g/bottle

Code 704002 – Moose Mallow 165g/ bottle 
Code 704004 - Bubble Gum 165g/bottle


Laclede Fluoride Foam

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