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InstRenew Sharpening Assistant (Nordent)

Min Order 1


  • InstRenew is the only instrument sharpening device developed by  instrument makers to make it EASY FOR ANYONE to sharpen ANY BRAND  and ANY PATTERN of Scalers and Curettes with professional results every time.
  • The patented design makes it possible to achieve perfect factory blade angles without the guesswork and frustration that are common with other sharpening methods.
  • If you have been looking for a cost effective, fast and easy way to improve your in-house sharpening program that will get everyone in your practice sharpening with the exact same angle every time, then InsRenew is the answer
  • See a complete video demonstration at:


Code SSM2V3 - InstRenew Sharpening Assistant

InstRenew Sharpening Assistant (Nordent)

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