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Implamate Universal Curette Langer - 1-2CR (Nordent)

Min Order 1


Nordent – Implant Scalers

ImplaMate Scalers

· With tips manufactured from solid titanium, ImplaMate scalers and Curettes will not scratch implant abutments and are a safe and effective way to maintain a valuable investment.

· ImplaMate offers a choice of 6 popular patterns hence there is no additional learning curve.

· ImplaMate scalers never need sharpening.

· ImplaMate tips have been coloured purple to distinguish them from your routine scalers and curettes.


Code CEISLN1-2 - Implamate Universal Curette Langer - 1-2CR (Nordent)

Implamate Universal Curette Langer - 1-2CR (Nordent)

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