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Impervious Gown (Owear) - Pkt/50

Min Order Pkt/50


Isolation Gowns comply with ISO16603, ISO16604 and ISO6529 standards, as well as meet AAMI Liquid barrier performance levels


Suitable For:

  • Hospital and medical
  • Laboratory


Product Features:

  • Impervious and chemically tested
  • Waterproof
  • Two back ties to fit comfortably
  • Velcro fastener neck to prevent hole loop slipping
  • Soft cotton cuffs (Sof-cuff)
  • Tested for Chemotherapy use
  • * Impervious when donned with gloves


Code GN001P - Impervious Gown (Owear) - Pkt/50

Impervious Gown (Owear) - Pkt/50

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