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Dental Needles - Box/100 (Hogen)

Min Order Box/100


  • Hogenspitz Dental Cartridge Needles with tri-bevel point and silicon coated for smooth tissue penetration, bevel indicating mark on the hub, designed to be used with imperial and metric threaded syringes
  • Allows non-coring injections
  • The hub has a laser mark triangle that indicates the orientation of the bevel


Code Z1015 - Needles 27G x 21mm, Short - Box/100

Code Z1016 - Needles 30G x 21mm, Short - Box/100

Code Z1019 - Needles 27G x 40mm, Long - Box/100

Code Z1020 - Needles 30G x 25mm, Long - Box/100

Dental Needles - Box/100 (Hogen)

SKU: Z1015
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