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Evolution - Polychloroprene Examination Gloves (Mediflex)

Min Order 1 Ctn (100 per box, 10 boxes per carton)


  • Non Latex
  • Polychloroprene
  • Light Green Colour


Evolution Polychloroprene gloves may just be the most comfortable gloves you can wear!
Using ground breaking technology to produce a low modulus glove, ensuring softer, more elastic fit that can improve performance and reduce hand fatigue.
• Comfort, protection & strength
• Latex like feel without risk of latex allergies
• Enhanced softness, extended wear comfort and a better fit
• Proprietary polymer coating for ‘glide-on’ donning
• High tensile strength and elongation
• Strong puncture and tear resistance
A totally different glove
A totally different feel
A totally different experience


Code EVGN-XS X-Small 
Code EVGN-S Small
Code EVGN-M Medium
Code EVGN-L Large
Code EVGN-XL X-Large



Evolution - Polychloroprene Examination Gloves (Mediflex)

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