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EthOss Synthentic Bone Regeneration 

Min Order 1 Pack


• A synthetic bi-phasic matrix for true bone regeneration

• Non Bovine – no human or animal components.  Ethical/cultural patient choice

• Shows 50% new host bone in just 12 weeks

• The Calcium Sulphate formulation acts as a built-in barrier against soft tissue ingress, removing the need for collegen membrane

• EthOss is completely absorbed and replaced by new host bone over the course of treatment

• Delivered sterile, available in 2 syringe size choices (0.5cc and 1cc)

• Easy to dispense syringe delivery system, the material will start to harden after 1 minute

• Does not suffer wash-out in bloody sites

• Suitable for use in GBR, Periodontitis, Buccal defects, Sinus Grafts and Extraction socket filling


Code 270000 - 3 x Syringes 0.5cc

Code 270001 - 3 x Syringes 1.0cc


Missed the last webinar?  

Click the link to view: (9) Revolutionising Bone Grafting: An Introduction to the Suture Tenting Technique using EthOss - YouTube


EthOss Synthetic Bone Regeneration

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