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EthOss Degranulation Bur Kit

Min Order 1 Kit


Key Features & Benefits:

• Designed morphologically to remove soft tissues without harming the bone

• Quick and effective debridement

• Precision manufacture – diamond edges do not grab the bone compared to traditional tungsten burs

• Excellent for preparing a defect for bone grafting with ethoss® Advantages

• Optimal debridement of the inflammatory tissue – cannot be achieved manually

• Multi task drills can be used in implantology, periodontal surgery, endodontic surgery, and root removal

• Maximum safety when working near anatomical structure

• Reusable (more than 100 procedures). Must be cleaned as per manufacturer’s instructions
 *latch attachment with RPM  recommended is 800 – 1200.


Code 270006 - EthOss Degranulaiton Bur Kit

EthOss Degranulation Bur Kit

SKU: 270006
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