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DentiTips - Air/Water - Pkt/100 (MGuard)

Min Order Pkt/100


  • Disposable airwater syringe tips with a metal reinforced core ensures cheek retraction without leakage.
  • Provides water/air separation when required.
  • A notched distal end provides positive locking onto the o-ring
  • Each end is bevelled for patient comfort.
  • Fits most brands of air/water syringes.
  • Interchangeable with most metal tips and don't require an adaptor.
  • Separate air water tubes eliminates cross over of water
  • Easy to change, helps to prevent cross contamination.


Code 49000 - DentiTips - Air/Water - Pkt/100 (MGuard)

DentiTips - Air/Water - Pkt/100 (MGuard)

SKU: 49000
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