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Bowie Dick - Green Card T - Pkt/15

Min Order 1 Pkt/15


The Green Card T is specially designed for daily monitoring of pre-vacuum steam sterilisers operating at 134C to detect the presence of residual air. The special pouch packaging prevents the indicator card from being exposed to excessively wet steam conditions. Used daily in an empty steriliser prior to processing any loads.

  • Meets EN867-1 Class B standards
  • Meets ISO 11140-1 Class 2 standards
  • Meets EN867-5 standards
  • Lead free
  • Easy interpretation
  • Permanent colour change (no reversion of colour change unlike PH indicators)
  • Checks residual air in steam sterilisers


Code PL254 - Bowie Dick - Green Card T - Pkt/15

Bowie Dick - Green Card T - Pkt/15

SKU: PL254
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